The Next Day

By its very nature, as both a work of art and a piece of inspirational literature based on the lives of four survivors of suicide attempts, The Next Day walks a fine line. Continue reading


Madman All-New Giant Size Super Ginchy Special

Madman might be in a rut. Continue reading


Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker #1-3

The problem with Butcher Baker is this: it’s not an essay collection, it’s a comic. Continue reading


Willie & Joe: Back Home

If Mauldin’s World War II strips were a needed corrective to the public’s glorification of war, then his post WWII work fulfilled the same function for those who thought of post-war America as some kind of euphoric utopia. Continue reading


Chester 5000 XYV

Jess Fink’s “erotic, robotic Victorian romance” is utterly of the zeitgeist. Continue reading


Arkham Asylum: Madness

Arkham Asylum is run by the creator inmates. Continue reading


Congress of the Animals

Have we ever been asked to actually root for Frank before? As the star attraction in Jim Woodring’s oddball menagerie, the purple-furred, minstrel-gloved naïf is usually just a little shit. Whether he’s stabbing the craven Manhog in the ear or … Continue reading


Dungeon Monstres, Vol. 4

The Joann Sfar/Lewis Trondheim Dungeon series continues to offer a variety of pleasures for both devoted readers and those more casually interested in well-crafted fantasy stories. Continue reading