This comic may not have a surprising answer for the “Will the hero save the girl?” question, but it delivers its cliches with a solid dose of panache. Continue reading


Citizen Rex

The Hernandez brothers’ sci-fi action-dramedy robot-rights allegory Citizen Rex is Mario’s finest work to date. Continue reading


Huntington, West Virginia “On The Fly”

Huntington, West Virginia “On The Fly” feels like his Pekar’s Dark Horse work. It’s small-scale and observational, applying a magnifying glass both to himself and to several people he meets. Continue reading


Level Up

Level Up represents a step forward in Yang’s development as a writer, in part because of his choice of Thien Pham as his illustrator. Continue reading


Special Exits

In Joyce Farmer’s powerful Special Exits the people are more people-like than I have encountered in comics in a long time. Continue reading


Black Eye 1

For an anthology of scabrous sick humor, Ryan Standfest’s Black Eye sure is tastefully designed. Continue reading


All Nighter #1

A punk-girl five-parter from the collapsed DC Comics imprint Minx finally sees print. Continue reading


Sundays 4 (Forever Changes)

The Sundays editors have reproduced the Kramer’s Ergot model in terms of springing new and interesting work on the comics world in a single volume. Continue reading