Gangsta Rap Posse #2

Gangsta Rap Posse is best described as an Elseworlds tale in which NWA actually were a bunch of drug-dealing, ho-pimping, Uzi-toting mass murderers. Continue reading


Ganges #4

Ganges #4 is the Godfather Part II of comics about insomnia: the rare sequel that tops the already excellent original. Continue reading


The Hidden

A great big orgy of schlocky gore and cartoon deaths, the plot of The Hidden is every old horror film rolled into one glorious genre cliché. Continue reading


Prince Valiant, Volume 4: 1943-1944

Prince Valiant has probably done more time than any other as the popular imagination’s pick for “greatest comic ever.” Continue reading



This updated version of the Fort Thunder alumnus’s zombie story is an immensely thoughtful, carefully constructed, and ultimately troubling comic. Continue reading


The Collected John G. Miller: 1990-1999

His work is in the tradition of Fletcher Hanks and Rory Hayes, but I’ve never encountered a personality quite like Miller’s in all my years of reading comics. Continue reading


Prison Pit: Book Three

Does Ryan attempt to top a protracted sequence graphically detailing the rape of a semi-anthropomorphized female pterodactyl? Continue reading


Touch Sensitive

Chris Ware goes digital? Continue reading