Liar’s Kiss

The story of Liar’s Kiss is formulaic and ultimately forgettable, but it shows the strengths as well as the weaknesses of its genre. Continue reading



MK Reed’s forte has always been her dialogue, and this is a crucial part of the success of her mainstream-publisher debut Americus. It helps that in Jonathan Hill, she has an artistic collaborator whose sensibilities—in terms of body language, nuance, and … Continue reading

LOEG 1969 cover

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century: 1969

Is The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen past its sell-by date? Is the latest chapter as oppressive as the last? Where have all the flowers gone? Continue reading


Fantastic Life

The story of a drunken art-school malcontent stumbling his way through awful parties, lousy punk shows, mortifying painting-class critiques, and portentous encounters with the woman of his (wet) dreams. Continue reading


Zegas #1

Like Pope and Graham before him, Fiffe warps the influences of the medium’s ‘80s sci-fi masters into an original construction, one infused with enough of an individual voice to make it feel new and exciting. Continue reading


Too Small To Fail

It’s hard to pigeonhole Knight’s work, even as a political cartoonist, because his influences are so diverse. Continue reading


SF #1

For some, SF will feel like Uncle Scrooge’s vault: a place of joy, worth drowning in. Continue reading


I Will Bite You

Reading I Will Bite You makes me think that Joseph Lambert’s best work is ahead of him. It’s obvious that he is a highly skilled and imaginative cartoonist as well as a top-notch draftsman. He’s in total command of the page, … Continue reading