The Hypo

It’s a fine first major work for a young cartoonist. Continue reading


Building Stories

A review in 14 parts. Continue reading


Solipsistic Pop Volume 4

This anthology is a formalist’s funhouse in the vein of a Chris Ware, Jordan Crane, or Richard McGuire. Continue reading


The Cartoon Utopia

The Cartoon Utopia is packed with visual detail and collect Ron Rege’s thoughts on magic in some of its many incarnations: astrology, the occult, sex magic, the “alchemy” of love relationships and other hermetic principles, and communion with animals. Continue reading


The Hive

Charles Burns in color! It continues to be a whole new glorious world for the Burns fan. The Hive, the second in a trilogy of luxe comic books that began with 2010’s X’ed Out, revels in both the associative and gross-out potential of color. Continue reading



Santoro’s drawings are wonderful; his reduction of figures to tone and line and shape recall illusionistic Roman frescoes, but endowed with comic-strip dynamism. Continue reading


Circles Cycles Circuits

This is a fascinating, challenging book that demands a lot from its readers. Continue reading


The Nao of Brown

Dillon’s return to comics after several years doing storyboards for movies and TV marks the first long-form comic he’s ever written, and it’s clearly a labor of love. Continue reading