Nocturne: The Walled City Trilogy (Book Two)

Confusion can serve a variety of aesthetic purposes. In cyberpunk, disorientation, dislocation, and neologisms propel the reader into a future of indescribable alienation. High modernist stream-of-consciousness captures the strangeness of someone else’s head, and/or one’s own. Noire opacity is about … Continue reading


They Called Us Enemy

Ideally, George Takei’s They Called Us Enemy should just be an interesting, compelling memoir detailing a dark, shameful chapter in American history, drawing readers to itself through its narrator and co-writer’s fame as an actor, an activist and a witty … Continue reading


Copra #1

Accessibility is overrated! So is context. When I was myself a wee sprat just coming up in the world, most of the comics for sale at the local 7/11 seemed to operate according to the guiding principle of, “climb aboard … Continue reading


Everyone’s A Critic: The Ultimate Cartoon Book

Everyone’s a Critic: The Ultimate Cartoon Book is dedicated to disproving its title. The New Yorker cartoonists represented in this collection are mostly uninterested in criticizing life, art, or criticism. The anti-critical project of the book is the beating of … Continue reading


Get Over It

I’ve never read a comic made by an attendee of the Center For Cartoon Studies before. This isn’t due to a conscious aversion— it’s not like I pick up a book, see CCS in the artist’s bio, and put the … Continue reading


Meat And Bone

The first thing that strikes me about Meat and Bone is Kat Verhoeven’s incredible skill at drawing memorable characters. Her figures have that warm, animation-ready look that conveys at once movement and emotion, the feelings of an instant and the … Continue reading


The End Of The World

Six years after its initial publication by Antibookclub in 2013, Penguin Random House has re-released Don Hertzfeldt’s first graphic novel The End of the World. For those unfamiliar with the acclaimed animator’s only comic, The End of the World consists … Continue reading


Punisher: Soviet #1

Garth Ennis’s take on Punisher comics is at this point as battle-tested and successful a formula as any of the all-time Marvel runs that get spoken about in more hallowed tones: Claremont on X-Men, Miller on Daredevil, Windsor-Smith on Conan. I … Continue reading