Your progress through Grok, a retrospective collection of illustrations and commercial art by Will Sweeney, arrives eventually at the book’s last double-page spread, a 2014 black & white drawing titled Arachnoid Moon; and the gang’s all here. Cataloging its crowd … Continue reading


Wendy Master Of Art

It was only recently, after “Generation Z” entered the lexicon, that I stopped responding negatively to the idea of being designated a “Millennial.” Generational demarcations that refer to everyone born within a twenty year span are bad enough for seeming … Continue reading


Grateful Dead: Origins

Noah Van Sciver has long been one of my favorite cartoonists. I’ve championed his work in a number of venues over the years, and he’s been consistent both in terms of prolificacy and of marking milestones of gradual but implacable … Continue reading


The Sky Is Blue With A Single Cloud

I have to admit that the reason this book initially intrigued me is most likely a coincidence. Last year, the record label Light In The Attic reissued Sachiko Kanenobu’s Misora (“Beautiful Sky”), an album of Japanese folk music from 1972. … Continue reading


Eight-Lane Runaways

“Actions create stories.” That’s what this book is about, according to its author’s Instagram announcement. It could’ve been a thousand pages longer, and it could’ve been a single strip, and therein lies the beauty of Henry McCausland’s vision—it’s an electric … Continue reading


Judge Dredd: Control

Can we just stop whatever we’re doing for a moment and talk about Chris Weston? This guy knows how to draw some comics. This solid fact congealed when the present volume arrived on my lap – Control, a Judge Dredd … Continue reading


Aorta, Books 1+2

I was never much of a mecha manga person. Oh sure, I can tell the difference between an Eva-unit and a Labor (this stuff is fed to you automatically if you grew up during the nineties); but don’t ask me … Continue reading


The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Cartoonist

In which the lit comics wunderkind sketches out a lifetime’s worth of anxieties to rib-tickling results. Continue reading