Good Grief! Children and Comics

Ohio State University presents Good Grief! Children and Comics, examining the history, role, and tensions of child characters in comic strips and comic books, including Peanuts, Little Orphan Annie, and Little Lulu, among others.

Columbus, OH 6/4/2016 - 10/23/2016
‘Slang Aesthetics’ An Exhibition of Robert Williams’ Art

The Center for Contemporary Arts presents Slang Aesthetics,  an exhibition of Robert Williams’ art, focusing on his days at Zap Comix. The exhibition will be open from September 23 – November 27.

Santa Fe, NM 9/23/2016 - 11/27/2016
French Comics Framed Festival and Exhibition

The French Comics Association presents the French Comics Framed Festival and Exhibition from September 27 – November 5.

New York, NY 9/27/2016 - 11/5/2016