“I Like Questions More than Answers”: A Conversation with Rick Geary

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Exit Strategy: An Interview with Andrew Neal of Chapel Hill Comics

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The Kevin Huizenga Interview

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The Ultimate Nullifier?

On Monday the Supreme Court announced that yet another brief has been filed in support of the Kirby family’s attempt to regain the copyright to key Marvel properties. Have these briefs truly made it all but certain that the Court will not just agree to hear the case in the 2014-15 term, but rule that Jack Kirby’s creations were not work for hire? Continue reading


Down the Rabbit Hole with Brian Chippendale

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Choosing the Heroes of the Comics

How Friedman decided who to draw. Continue reading


Life at ELCAF 2014

On the floor at the third annual East London Comic and Arts Festival. Continue reading


Charles Barsotti 1933-2014

A Barsotti cartoon has the brisk immediacy of a mentholated cough drop. Continue reading