PABLO and Charlie

A report from Paris in the aftermath Continue reading


On Zap

A few thoughts about Zap and its place in comics and culture. Continue reading


Our Best of 2014

Dan and Tim pick the most memorable reviews, interviews, articles, and other stories published on this site in the year 2014. Continue reading


Greg Theakston Says the Kirby Museum Can Look Forward to a Theft Complaint for Christmas  

In what has to be one of the world’s slowest-building controversies, Theakston’s grievance with the Kirby Museum has been building for some time. Continue reading


A Visit to CAB—and the Sustainability of the Convention Model

Checking in with comics distributors, publishers, and exhibitors—how long can the show model be kept up? Continue reading


Zap: An Unpublished Victor Moscoso Interview

Please enjoy an unpublished Zap-related conversation with Victor Moscoso, conducted by Patrick Rosenkranz in Woodacre, Calif., May 17, 1972. Continue reading


Slang and Profanity Illustrated: A Collaboration with My 14-Year-Old Self

The creator of Wendel and Stuck Rubber Baby revisits and illustrates an essay on profanity written by his awakening younger self. Continue reading


Leanne Shapton: The Character Artist

Katie Haegele examines a multi-faceted career encompassing all manner of picture story books. Continue reading