“I’m Very Interested in Cartooning as a Language”: Sloane Leong Talks to Antonio Hitos

Cartoonist and critic Leong is speaking with the her fellow artists-in-residence at the Maison de Auteurs in Angouleme, France. This week, she talks to Hitos about his “Noise” project, Charles Schulz, and whether or not he’s being too strict with himself. Continue reading


So British, So French: Posy Simmonds & Catherine Meurisse Do Pulp

This year’s Pulp Festival revolves around new books and exhibits by and about two pioneering artists, Simmonds and Meurisse, and we caught up with both of them. Continue reading



Pondering the lessons of Malcolm Whyte’s Art Out of Chaos. Continue reading


Today’s National Cartoonists Society: A Conversation with Steve McGarry

Steve McGarry talks about the future of the National Cartoonists Society, their festival, and what they’re doing to prove they aren’t just “old white guys who make comic strips”. Continue reading


“What’s Your Secret?”: Sloane Leong Talks to Rebecca Roher

In the first of a series, cartoonist and critic Sloane Leong spoke with the her fellow artists-in-residence at the Maison de Auteurs in Angouleme, France. This week, she’s speaking with Rebecca Roher about Roher’s One Hundred Year Old Wisdom project. Continue reading


Excerpt: Meat and Bone

Thanks to our friends at Conundrum Press, the Comics Journal is pleased to share this excerpt from Kat Verhoeven’s Meat and Bone, to be released this May. Continue reading


“Oh, Yeah, This Is Obsession”: An Interview with Box Brown

This month Philadelphia-based cartoonist Box Brown returns with a new, timely book of graphic non-fiction, Cannabis: The Illegalization of Weed in America. Over the last few years, readers have followed Brown’s evolution from a self-published creator and the founder of … Continue reading


“There Are Just Some Times When You Can’t Deal”: A Previously Unpublished Interview with Harvey Pekar

A never-before-published interview with the late Harvey Pekar, which may have been his last. In it, he discusses collaboration, Israel, and the American Splendor movie. Continue reading