Dennis P. Eichhorn Tributes

Remembrances from Noah Van Sciver, Shary Flenniken, Art Chantry, Mary Fleener, Pat Moriarty, and other collaborators. Continue reading


A Chat About Mould Map 4

Talking Euro with editors Hugh Frost and Leon Sadler. Continue reading


“Every comic is the last one”: Jonathan Chandler Interview

I have no idea how to describe Jonathan Chandler and neither does he. He’s not a cartoonist and he’s not an illustrator, and it doesn’t even feel like he’s drawing comics because he wants to draw comics — he’s an … Continue reading


Jack Kirby at Cal State Northridge

Assembling and mounting the first serious institutional retrospective exhibition in America examining the art of Jack Kirby is a task fraught with contradictions. Continue reading


Recent Reading

My recent reading — making my way through the piles. We’ve got your Koch, Benjamin, Davidson, Marra, Chandler, Pratt, Toth, Lagon, etc. Continue reading


Funny Angry: An Interview with Jane Mai

Jane Mai’s See You Next Tuesday is a raucous bunch of short comics and scraps. This third book in what appears to be a loose trilogy is lighter and funnier, but allows itself to go deeper and darker as a result. Continue reading


Restoring a Lost Psychedelic Anime Classic: An Interview with the Team Reintroducing Belladonna of Sadness

This 1973 film from Osamu Tezuka’s production studio was a commercial failure and remained unseen by wider audiences for years after its initial release. Continue reading


Tear Everything to Pieces: A Conversation with Liz Suburbia

An interview with the author of the debut graphic novel from Fantagraphics, Sacred Heart, which blends the Bible, punk rock, the magical realism of the Hernandez brothers, and trashy teen girl revenge flicks into a subtle story that explores alienation, gender, consent, sexuality, and trauma. Continue reading