An Interview with Kerascoët

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The Gift

A grand drawing for Hal Roach, discovered during research for George Herriman’s biography Krazy, reveals the deep friendship between the famed movie producer and his resident cartoonist. Continue reading


An Interview with Lawrence Hubbard

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Edward Sorel on Mary Astor, Hollywood, and Operatic Gestures

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“Why Draw Comics About Anything Else?”: The Keiler Roberts Interview

Keiler Roberts quickly gained attention for her autobiographical mini-comic Powdered Milk, which explores her life with her family from right around the time her daughter Xia was born into the present, when she’s both a professor and cartoonist. With her … Continue reading


The Shaky Kane Interview

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Ink in His Veins: An Interview with Benjamin Marra

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A Chat with Anya Davidson

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