“I can’t sleep drawing” from Michael’s flickr.

“Comics Was the Reliable Thing”: An Interview with Michael DeForge

Michael DeForge’s new graphic novel, Big Kids, follows the teenaged Adam through a conflict with his cop uncle, a mysterious college-aged stranger named April moving in with him and his family, and a jarring breakup with his jerky boyfriend, which then sparks a traumatic, permanent shift in his PoV. Continue reading

PATIENCE_P79-80_Colors copy

Daniel Clowes and Patience: An Interview

A conversation about process, structure, and aesthetics. Continue reading


“How Come Boys Get to Keep Their Noses?”: Women and Jewish American Identity in Contemporary Graphic Memoirs

An excerpt focusing on Vanessa Davis’s work, taken from Tahneer Oksman’s important new contribution to the study of comics and identity. Continue reading

Alex Robinson Lower Regions

Alex Robinson on Our Expanding Universe and His Serious Efforts to Keep Cartooning Fun

The Box Office Poison creator talks about his new book, his podcasting empire, what killed Career Killer, and how his work methods haven’t changed substantially since the 1990s. Continue reading

ambuttrick.tumblr.com, 2015

The Anxiously Subversive Comics of Adam Buttrick

Buttrick was born and raised in the Midwest, but you wouldn’t know it from his comics. They feel universal, otherworldly, or more precisely, untraceable. Continue reading

Zack Davisson Manga Translation 1

Confessions of a Manga Translator

A first-hand account of what a manga translator does, and doesn’t do, and how. Continue reading

Ms. Magazine n. 1 (January, 1972). Illustration by Murphy Anderson/Jack Adle.

Today’s Feminist Comics: Why I Don’t Relate

It’s okay to be critical of the things you care about, and that’s the permission I’m giving myself to be critical of what are categorically called “feminist comics” these days. Continue reading

K.L. by K.L.

“Going to 100”: An Interview with K.L. Ricks

A talk with the New England-based cartoonist, whose eerie, atmospheric comic for Hazlitt, “Country Darkness,” concludes with its third part next month. Continue reading