Formal Disruption and Narrative Progress in Building Stories

Ware’s Building Stories, his new graphic-novel-in-a-box, moves away from the narrative and formal coherence of Jimmy Corrigan, eschewing most of that work’s sense of historical context to focus on the process of individual story-making. Continue reading


The Enigmatic Edward Sorel

One our greatest illustrators writes about his friend and colleague. Continue reading


Body Schemas

Building Stories is in a very primary sense a comic about women and the private lives they lead. Continue reading


Shades of Gray: The Life and Death of the Oft-overlooked Master

Gray Morrow was the legend that should’ve been, one of those rare and amazing artist’s artists who slipped between the cracks of popularity in the comics industry, his work imbibed with the same magic that graced old Flash Gordon strips. Continue reading


The Silent Sublime

What does silence teach us about the graphic medium, and the perception that we listen to comics as much as we engage in reading them? Continue reading


The Toc Toc of “Nothing, Really”

Rather than encountering a disability that’s visually present but verbally absent, readers meet with very explicit mention of the protagonist’s body at various points in various texts:. Continue reading


“Sometimes, You Get Your Throat Cut While a Clown is Pulling Your Pants Down”: An Interview with Josh Simmons

Talking horror and narrative with the creator of The Furry Trap. Continue reading


At the Still Point of the Turning World: Chris Ware’s Building Stories and the Search for Structure in the Contemporary City

More than simply an exercise in narrative innovation, Building Stories is a project obsessed with the lived experience of time. Continue reading