Len Wein: 1948-2017

The life of the prolific and influential comics writer and editor, who co-created Wolverine and Swamp Thing. Continue reading


Richard Kyle in Retrospect

Reflections on a comics critic, publisher and retailer, along with an unpublished interview. Continue reading


This Week’s Comics (9/6/17)

Strictly a consumer guide. Continue reading


Through the Mirror

Late in life, Jack Kirby returned to his youth. After a long, distinguished career he drew his first unequivocally autobiographical story, “Street Code”, in 1983. Continue reading


Yoe Books: A Disservice to Comics History

We are at peak reprint. Because of this, the only worthwhile publishing projects reissuing old comic strips or books need to be either uncovering hidden gems and critical missing links to bygone eras, or repackaging material in a way that … Continue reading


An Interview with the Father of Mexico’s Graphic Documentary: Who’s This Rius?

The influential Mexican cartoonist Rius (Eduardo del Rio) passed away on August 8, 2017. In this 1990 interview, he talks about the end of the Cold War, ideology, and the then-contemporary international comics scene. Continue reading


The Future of Secret Acres

I should know what a Secret Acres book is by now. Continue reading


“It’s dawning on me that it could be potentially dangerous for my career.” An Interview With Rich Tommaso

Hopefully people who are too busy to even bother going on social media are completely unaware of my meltdown! Continue reading