An Oral History of Wimmen’s Comix Part 2

The contributors and editors of Wimmen’s Comix discuss the history of the anthology and of women in the underground. Part 2 of 2. Continue reading


Jess Johnson, 1970-2016

An obituary for the prolific alternative cartoonist. Continue reading


An Oral History of Wimmen’s Comix Part 1

If Zap Comix #1 kicked off the underground comix movement, then over the two decades of its run, Wimmen’s Comix played a key role in shaping the generations of cartoonists that followed. This was a publication that was explicitly political, … Continue reading


From Watchmen to Orfani: A Colorists’ Roundtable

Some of the most important colorists from around the world gather to talk about the pros and cons of their job, the best and worst ways to color, the effects of new digital tools, and oh yes, how much they get paid. Continue reading


An Interview with Dan White

An interview with Dan White, creator of the Cindy and Biscuit series and prolific comics commentator. Continue reading


An Interview with Kaz

Two cartooning greats catch up on the occasion of Kaz’s Underworld: From Hoboken to Hollywood. Continue reading


“Comics Was the Reliable Thing”: An Interview with Michael DeForge

Michael DeForge’s new graphic novel, Big Kids, follows the teenaged Adam through a conflict with his cop uncle, a mysterious college-aged stranger named April moving in with him and his family, and a jarring breakup with his jerky boyfriend, which then sparks a traumatic, permanent shift in his PoV. Continue reading


Daniel Clowes and Patience: An Interview

A conversation about process, structure, and aesthetics. Continue reading