The Cartoonist and the Champ

The story of Eugene Majied, the little-known cartoonist who inspired Muhammad Ali and changed history. Continue reading


“I’m Sick of Graphic Novels”: An Interview with Craig Thompson

On the eve of its re-release, cartoonist Craig Thompson looks back on Carnet de Voyage and all that he learned while creating the influential travelogue. Continue reading


Angst essen Comics auf: The Twisted Beauty of Olivia Vieweg’s Coming-of-Age Tales

An expansive look into the career of Olivia Viewig’s, the German cartoonist, illustrator and screenwriter who has spent the last decade succeeding in fields her home country still struggle to understand. Continue reading


Excerpt: Losing the Girl

A preview of Losing the Girl, the first book in the young-adult Life on Earth trilogy, in which MariNaomi looks at life through the eyes of four suburban teenagers. Continue reading


On Hating Cathy

Cathy ran for 34 years, and its conclusion seemed to please people a little too much. Juliet Kahn thinks that it’s high time for a reappraisal of the most famous strip everybody claims to hate. Continue reading


“I Fantasize About Being in Jail”: An Anna Haifisch Interview

There is something calming about the control Anna Haifisch exerts over her works with her defined color palettes. Even in her most off-hinged works, such as Von Spatz, can be entered with equilibrium. Haifisch’s Von Spatz is the story of … Continue reading


Excerpt: The Case of the Missing Men

Nancy Drew meets David Lynch in this mystery thriller graphic novel set in a remote and eerie east-coast village, published by Conundrum Press. Continue reading


A Conversation with Eleanor Davis

Two of the most talented artists working today sit down to debate the value of guilt, celebrate the potency of the competitive spirit, and demand a better way to live. Continue reading