“I Didn’t Want to Draw a Psychological Portrait of These Men I Despise”: An Interview with Catherine Meurisse

A frank and searing conversation with Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Catherine Meurisse about her graphic memoir, Lightness, recently translated for English readers. Continue reading


Excerpt: House In The Jungle

Thanks to Koyama Press, we’re pleased to share this excerpt of Nathan Gelgud’s latest work, House In The Jungle. In it, a potent pineapple dealing hermit’s transcendental quest is disrupted by the encroaching townspeople he supplies. Then things get weird!


Getting the Goat Getters: A Conversation with Eddie Campbell

The great cartoonist and idiosyncratic historian Eddie Campbell discusses what he considers the misunderstood true origins of the comic strip. Continue reading


Give Me Liberty

Marc Sobel takes a long look back at Give Me Liberty, Frank Miler and Dave Gibbons exploration of fascism and heroics, to see if the book got anything accurate with its prediction of the future. Continue reading


“I Thought It Was A Choice”: An Interview with Liana Finck

Liana Finck uncovers the true story behind her acclaimed comics memoir, Passing From Human, what it’s like to be Insta-famous, and her feminist awakening, which came mid-book. Continue reading


Excerpt: The Silent Invasion

Thanks to NBM, we’re pleased to share a look at the new edition of The Silent Invasion: Red Shadows, by Michael Cherkas & Larry Hancock. Continue reading


Norm Breyfogle: 1960-2018

A long look at the career of one of the most recognizable and beloved Batman artists of the modern age, Norm Breyfogle, who passed away on Monday, September 24th. Continue reading


The Inkwell, Continued: “All Ye Who Enter Herein Leave All Dopes Behind”

Back to The Inkwell, a now-forgotten postwar New York establishment that once catered to the cartooning elite, including Caniff, Soglow, Gross, Bushmiller, and many more. Continue reading