Photo by Teresangela Schiano, 9/7/1999, 11:04am.

The Lives of Insects: On Photography and Comics

About photography, comics, and (mostly) Eddie Campbell. Continue reading


Spain Rodriguez Fought the Good Fight

Born March 2, 1940 in Buffalo, New York. Died November 28, 2012 in San Francisco, California.
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Spain Rodriguez: Tributes

Words of appreciation from Bill Griffith, Gary Panter, Trina Robbins, Carol Tyler, Joe Sacco, Justin Green, R. Crumb, Lorraine Chamberlain, Art Spiegelman, Gary Groth, Kim Deitch, and others, with more to come. Continue reading

The Tryst

“I’m Glad to Have the Benefit Now of Existing”: A David Lasky Interview

The artist and co-creator behind The Carter Family talks about adapting history, experimenting in comics form, his love of James Joyce, and being a late bloomer. Continue reading

S. Clay Wilson by Tim Forcade, 1969.

In the First Circle of Hell with S. Clay Wilson

A visit with S. Clay Wilson and Lorraine Chamberlin and an update on the state of the artist’s health. Continue reading


Harvey Kurtzman Estate and Al Feldstein File to Regain Copyrights to 1950s Comics

The Journal has learned that legendary EC writer/editor Al Feldstein and the estate of Mad editor/cartoonist Harvey Kurtzman have filed notices to reclaim the copyrights on their work. Continue reading


Building Memories: Mine, Hers, and Ours

Our final installment in the Building Stories essays. Continue reading

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The Theo Ellsworth Interview

An interview with the author of Understanding Monster and Capacity. Continue reading