The Future Has No Time for the Past: A Long Discussion of Olivier Schrauwen’s “Parallel Lives”

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“I’m Still in Art-Monster Mode”: A Conversation with Katie Fricas

Katie Fricas’s peculiar, underground-reminiscent work has appeared in The New York Times, PEN America, and The New Yorker. Here, she talks growing up in a military family, performing in front of crowds, and pigeons. Continue reading


The Best Comics of 2018

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TCJ 2018 Year in Review

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“‘Best’ Is a Bullshit Word”: Phoebe Gloeckner on Editing The Best American Comics 2018

The eminently quotable (and phenomenally talented) artist, writer, teacher and, whether she claims it or not, critic, sits down with Sean T. Collins to talk about how she handled the selection process behind the most recent edition of Best American Comics. Continue reading


Forgotten Friends of the Nib: Caricature & Victor Hugo’s Head

If French press cartoons are unashamedly rude, what’s at the heart of such a caustic culture? The answer can be found in a current Paris exhibition, Caricatures: Victor Hugo On Page One. Continue reading


Héctor German Oesterheld’s Contributions to Mort Cinder

While the construction of Mort Cinder has been noted to be a flexible and collaborative effort between Breccia and Oesterheld, there are distinct and recurrent motifs in it which suggests it was not put together for reasons of mere entertainment or with little forethought. If anything, there is a coherence and depth in its plotting which suggests a steady hand at the tiller. Continue reading


The Enigma of Cecil Jensen, Part Two: Elmo Without Elmo

The later years, when Elmo made way for Little Debbie. Continue reading