“I Took It Very Serious”: An Interview With Johanna Maierski

Kim Jooha catches up with Johanna Maierski of Colorama, a small comics press out of Germany with a focus on quality, community and wildcard beauty. Continue reading


If These Walls Could Talk, They’d Probably Still Ignore Me (This Week’s Links)

If you’re starting your Friday off with anything other than the Ryan Flanders Rundown, then you’re just asking for trouble. Nothing sheds those Thetans faster than ten pounds of comics links packed into a five pound bag–why, just ask my main man Bart Sears! Continue reading


Gary Groth on Bill Schelly

I don’t remember when I met Bill Schelly, but it may have been as late as 2006, when he pitched the idea of a Joe Kubert biography to me. It may have been earlier—and we may have corresponded briefly in … Continue reading


“They Left Me Alone And That Was Pretty Great”: An Interview With Phil Jimenez

Phil Jimenez talks with Alex Dueben about highlights from his twenty-eight year career in comics, the importance of mental health in the LGBTQ comics community, and why he’s returning to Wonder Woman. Continue reading


“Rhyme With The Images”: An Interview with Frank Santoro

Frank Santoro sits down with Caitlin McGurk to talk in detail about Pittsburgh, his most widely anticipated release from New York Review Comics. Continue reading


Bill Schelly Tributes

Bill Schelly’s collaborators, compatriots and friends describe what it was like working with him, reading with him, and sharing his friendship. Continue reading


As Far as I Can See the Limelight Stays On (This Week’s Links)

Look at the screen. That is William Blake’s The Great Red Dragon and The Woman Clothed with the Sun. That is Gary Larson’s Cow Tools.

Do you see? Do you see what Ryan Flanders and his links has wrought? Continue reading


Biographer and Comics Fandom Chronicler Bill Schelly Dies Unexpectedly at 67

Michael Dean outlines the life and accomplishments of one of comics’s preeminent biographers, Bill Schelly. Continue reading