Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault (This Week’s Links)

The week that was, the comics it saw, via Mister Ryan Flanders! Continue reading


I Feel Like We Don’t Meaningfully Have Much Of An “Underground” Right Now”: An Interview With Evan Dahm

Evan Dahm talks to Sloane Leong about the exciting sprawl his career in comics has taking, from successful webcomics to series work with publishers, all while struggling against the traditional expectations of what a “story” is supposed to be. Continue reading


Excerpt: The Backstage Of A Dishwashing Webshow

Check out a 17 page excerpt from Keren Katz’ The Backstage of a Dishwashing Webshow, coming this fall from Secret Acres. Continue reading


Twin Mirrors and More: Viktor Hachmang At Landfill

Oliver Ristau takes a look at three books from Viktor Hachmang, released over the last few years by one of the most exciting and experimental publishers of recent memory, Landfill Editions. Continue reading


“I Did It The Other Way Around”: An Interview With Joan Steacy

For her first foray into the artform, Joan Steacy went long–a 250 page graphic novel, detailing a semi-fictionalized account of her life. Today, she’s speaking with Alex Dueben about her life, her unusual background, and the variety of real life people who appear in Aurora Borealice. Continue reading


Feeling Like a Vigilante or a Missionary (This Week’s Links)

Time to look at the week that wuz, and the comics news that entails. Ryan Flanders is on the scene! Continue reading


An Interview with Trevor Von Eeden (Reprise)

Michel Fiffe’s groundbreaking 2009 interview with legendary artist Trevor Von Eeden, first published in The Comics Journal #298, makes its online debut. Continue reading


“Magic is Bunk, o’course… Still… Whaddyuh Know?” The Curious Pull of Harold Gray’s Little Orphan Annie

Frank Young takes a look back at Harold Gray’s groundbreaking, fun, and (occasionally) Little Orphan Annie. Continue reading