Al Feldstein’s Extended Child of Tomorrow Interview

The extended version of Gary Groth’s 2013 interview with Al Feldstein, which may be the Mad editor and EC writer/artist’s last interview. Continue reading


Women and Autobio Comics Roundtable

Ellen Forney, Megan Kelso and Raina Telgemeier, in a loosely themed women-and-autobio-and-literary comics discussion, talk about accessibility / virtuosity, reaching their audience, and comics as a “language.” Continue reading


Ron Regé, Jr.’s Diana

The artist answers some questions about his latest work. Continue reading


Two Intersecting Visions: Decadence

An emerging British collective. Continue reading


Fred Kida, 1920-2014

One of the last, and most respected, of the golden age comic artists has passed. Continue reading

DanzSELFx copy 2

Lesson Notes on the Art Form

In this excerpt from his new book, a master cartoonist offers a summation of political cartooning. Continue reading

Fig. 2

Ed Vs. Yummy Fur [Excerpt]

Ed the Happy Clown became a graphic novel by letting go of its three successive past-lives as 1) a part of a mini-comic, 2) a part of a comic book series, and 3) a book with a different ending. What was stripped away with each incarnation is as important in establishing what Ed was and now is as what remains. Continue reading


Bhob Stewart, 1937-2014

Bhob Stewart was an eccentric fellow whose talents and intelligence contributed creatively to American culture in many ways over the course of his life.
Continue reading