“Let Your Dreams Touch Air”: An Interview with Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos Gonzalez is an deeply inspirational figure in the underground comics and music scene. His influence is manifest in much of the genre and horror-driven work that appears in the current generation, but his presence seems to be more of a rumor, even a legend. Continue reading


A Conversation with Dick Ayers

Dick Ayers talks to Shaun Clancy about the war, art school, freelancing in the 1950s, inking Jack Kirby and more in this September 29, 2012 interview. Continue reading


Lale Westvind: Bushwhacking through Infinity

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Dick Ayers, 1924 – 2014

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“No One Ever Said to Me I Couldn’t Do It”: An Interview with Mimi Pond

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An Interview with Est Em

Since her debut work Seduce Me After the Show was published in Japan in 2006, artist est em has been making own path in Boys Love manga. Continue reading


On Al Feldstein

Craig Fischer and Mark Newgarden remember the editor. Continue reading


Al Feldstein: 1925-2014

An obituary and an overview of Mad editor/EC cartoonist Al Feldstein’s contributions to the medium. Continue reading