Eric Reynolds Remembers Tom Spurgeon

Fantagraphics Associate Publisher and former TCJ staffer Eric Reynolds remembers The Comics Reporter’s Tom Spurgeon. Continue reading


Memories of Tom Spurgeon

A collection of memories and stories from Tom Spurgeon’s friends, colleagues, peers, as well as the artists he loved. Continue reading


Comics Journalist Tom Spurgeon Dies at the age of 50

Comics journalist Tom Spurgeon passed away on Wednesday, November 13th, 2019 at the age of 50. Continue reading


Go, Look (This Week’s Links)

Ryan’s here to catch you up on this week’s comics news, reviews, interviews and more! Continue reading


Excerpt: Constantly

Check out an 11 page excerpt from gg’s Constantly, coming this fall from Koyama Press! Continue reading


“There Are Some Experiences That Bring Us Closer”: An Interview with Marcelo D’Salete

Marcelo D’Salete’s follow up to his Eisner winning Run For It is a 400 plus page graphic novel about an independent kingdom of runaway slaves in 16th Century Brazil. He spoke with Heitor Pitombo about the success the book, and how it came to America. Continue reading


“Wood Told Me If You Can’t Do It Good, Do A Lot Of It”: A Conversation With Ken Landgraf

It’s easier to name publications Ken Landgraf didn’t work for than to name all the ones he did. Get ready for a firehose of history, and make sure you stay seated long enough to hear about the experience of working for magazines like Whitetail Deer Hunter & Tactical Knives. Continue reading


Horror Press Publisher and Managing Editor Resign After Allegations of Bad Practices

This past weekend has seen a steady stream of allegations against Canadian graphic novel and horror publisher Chizine, resulting in the publisher and managing editor’s resignation. Alec Berry has the story. Continue reading