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Leonard Starr: 1925-2015

Starr created the best-drawn and the best-written adventurous soap-opera strip (Mary Perkins, On Stage), continued another legendary strip (Annie), and developed a popular animation television franchise (ThunderCats). Continue reading


Mark and Marc Talk Stroppy

Marc Bell talks about his latest book with Mark Connery . Continue reading

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On Leonard Starr

A veteran comic book artist and writer on the recently passed cartoonist. Continue reading

Detail, "The Hand-Writing Upon the Wall", James Gillray, 1803

Napoleon vs. Napoleon

Napoleon is one of history’s most satirized figures, the central target in a golden age of caricature. Now, with two shows in London and Paris focused on Napoleonic art, he reminds us that mockery’s price was often high. Continue reading


A Quiet Talk with Leslie Stein

Two cartoonists/musicians discuss creativity, drawing and color. Continue reading


The Peter Pan of Paris

Bastien Vivès is among the most prolific contemporary cartoonists in France, celebrated for his mix of the populist and the personal. Continue reading

Cover, Catharsis © Luz/Futuropolis; all rights reserved

“Catharsis” and Charlie

In his new book Catharsis (Futuropolis), longtime Charlie Hebo cartoonist Luz describes the the aftermath of the attack. Continue reading

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An Interview with Anders Nilsen

A career-spanning conversation with the author of Big Questions and Dogs and Water. Continue reading