TCJ Roundtable Discussion ~ APPLIED CARTOONING

“Applied Cartooning” is jargon to be sure, but I hope it can become useful jargon. The idea is to better position cartoonists in the marketplace so our expertise is recognized and we are compensated more fairly for the skills we bring to the table. Five cartoonists discuss the idea. Continue reading

Émilie Gleason's cover version of  Gina Wynbrandt's Big Pussy mini.

Author vs. Author

The French cartoonist Émilie Gleason and the American cartoonist Gina Wynbrandt, interview each other about life, and a little about their work. Continue reading


Irwin Hasen: Dondi, Wildcat Artist Dead at 96

(b. July 18, 1918— d. Mar. 13, 2015) Continue reading


The Michael Gross Interview

The National Lampoon art director looks back. Continue reading

Tatsumi Yoshihiro, photograph from Garo, special issue on the artist (March 1971).

Tatsumi Yoshihiro, 1935-2015

Tatsumi Yoshihiro, one of comics history’s greats, passed away on March 7, 2015. He was seventy-nine years old. He died of malignant lymphoma. Tatsumi is famous as the artist who helped fashion a new style of manga known as “gekiga” … Continue reading


Tributes to Yoshihiro Tatsumi

Artists, critics, and translators pay homage to the great manga pioneer. Continue reading

Paco Roca's breakthrough graphic novel Wrinkles was published in English by Knockabout in January.

Paco Roca: Tales of Memory and Consciousness

Wrinkles marks the long overdue translation to English of Spain’s Paco Roca, perhaps the most prolific artist-author to emerge from the legendary El Víbora magazine since Max and Marti in the eighties. Continue reading

Featured 2

Travelogue 2015

James Romberger’s trip through Europe, encountering all manner of comics culture along the way. Continue reading