The Monsters Are Due On Broad Street: Patrick Dean In Georgia

Patrick Dean’s comics work will be showing at the Georgia Museum in Athens throughout the winter. Robert Newsome has the details! Continue reading


Sweating the Small Stuff

Bob and Adele made their way over to the East Bay’s show of Guy Cowell miniatures, and he’s got a lot to say about some little paintings. Continue reading


Had to Wait a While but the While Has Been Waited (This Week’s Links)

This week, Ryan asks the question that only needles can answer: get ready to hustle to the outskirts of town, True Believer! Continue reading


“Everybody Is Going To Get Real Miserable Really Quickly”: An Interview with Dylan Meconis

Dylan Meconis catches Alex up on what it took to get to “done” with her 400 page Queen Elizabeth graphic novel, guesstimates how far along things are with her webcomic Family Man, and apologizes for the heavy physical lifting involved in keeping up with her work via print. Continue reading


Catherine Meurisse: The Face Of French Comics Is Female

Catherine Meurisse speaks to Cynthia Rose about her majestic collaboration with Alexandre Dumas (yup!) Delacroix, what she’s got planned as one of the three artist-sponsors of the French “Year of The Comic”. Continue reading


Kick Off My Shoes, and Swim Good (This Week’s Links)

Ryan Flanders goes hard into social media this week, with a level of links not often seen outside of an aggregation machine. Get ready for art, friend. Continue reading


On Publishing Stephen Dixon

Gary Groth reminisces on the experience of publishing Stephen Dixon, who passed away earlier this winter. Continue reading


“I Am The OPPOSITE Of A Perfectionist”: A Conversation With Archie Bongiovanni

Annie Mok catches up with Archie Bongiovanni about comics, mental health, and the recent BOOM! publication of Grease Bats, Archie’s popular webcomic that originally appeared at Autostraddle. Continue reading