The Artist’s Life and Death Redundant: Inio Asano’s Downfall

In which the artist of Goodnight Punpun proves that comics can’t break your heart if you break it yourself. Continue reading


Seymour Chwast’s Graphic Novels

Famed graphic designer Seymour Chwast sat down with cartoonist Dash Shaw to talk about the graphic novels he’s created, those he wants to create, and whether or not he considers them a “side pursuit”. Continue reading


I Can’t Wear My Hat in Here? (This Week’s Links)

France is dolling out the plaudits, Ryan is doling out the links. February’s comics news is in full swing! Continue reading


The Comics Journal #305: Excerpt from the Rebecca Kirby and HTML Flowers Conversation

In The Comics Journal #350, Rebecca Kirby and HTML Flowers talk about health care, disability, and illness and how they transfer those themes into their comics work. Continue reading


“What I Thought I Had Figured Out” – Talking Bradley of Him with Connor Willumsen

George Elkind and Connor Willumsen have a sprawling conversation on Bradley of Him, one of 2019’s most fascinating comics. Continue reading


Grappling With Privilege: Connor Willumsen’s Bradley Of Him

Brian Nicholson makes his case for the philosophy behind Connor Willumsen’s “bravura” Bradley of Him. Continue reading


Fake Bonanza (This Week’s Links)

Ryan is so plugged into comics this week that you’ll swear the back of his skull has giant cables hanging out of it, and those cables are hooked up to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Specifically, the Unknown Soldier as depicted by Garth Ennis and Kilian Plunkett in the 1997 Vertigo mini-series of the same name! Continue reading


The Monsters Are Due On Broad Street: Patrick Dean In Georgia

Patrick Dean’s comics work will be showing at the Georgia Museum in Athens throughout the winter. Robert Newsome has the details! Continue reading