Skyscrapers of the Midwest, Now of the Stage

The long, process-intensive journey from acclaimed graphic novel to debut stage play. Continue reading


Preview: Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths

Shigeru Mizuki’s first book to be published in English is a trenchant, sometimes elegaic, fictionalized memoir of a deadly war. Continue reading


Moving Mister Wonderful

Daniel Clowes on translating his comic from The New York Times to its own book Continue reading


“Everything I Do, I Do at an Increasing Risk”: An Interview with Fabrice Neaud

An interview with the great French cartoonist Fabrice Neaud, concerning the new “augmented” version of his 1999 autobiographical classic, Journal 3. Continue reading


What Is to Be Done?

The current comic biz conundrum. Continue reading


Artistic Modern Funnies: Ben Jones’ Problem Solverz

The ideas and visuals that Ben Jones has developed and celebrated over the last 15 years are suddenly, amazingly, going to be shown to millions of people. A very biased interview. Continue reading


Mollusks, Horses, and Nudes: Aquirax Uno in the Sixties

An introduction to the comics and poster work of Japanese hippy master Aquirax Uno. Continue reading


Hauntology and the Invisibles Part II

Part two of a meditation on The Invisibles, spectres of the past, and the tone of the future. Continue reading