“I Wanted The Opposite Of A Style”: An Interview With Jon J. Muth

Jon J. Muth–the only human artist who can lay claim to both winning a Caldecott and illustrating a memorable comic book featuring Havok–describes what drew him to the work of Stanislaw Lem for his 2019 book, The Seventh Voyage. Continue reading


Simple Words Just Don’t Move Me (This Week’s Links)

Ryan went to the mattresses this week…but not to hide from the New York boys! Now, he went to the mattresses, pulled them up, found the comics news, and returned in style. It’s linking time! Continue reading


Setting An Antitype

An exploration of risograph printing inspired by a visit to Amsterdam’s AGA LAB. Continue reading


Don’t Just Call Your Parents, Interview them: A Conversation With Joey Perr

Joey Perr wanted to know more about his father, and used the tools of cartooning and interviewing to chase that want down and turn it into a comic. Sam Jaffe Goldstein asked him why! Continue reading


“I Have To Remember To Burn All This”: A Cartoonist’s Conversation With Mardou

Cartoonist Sarah Glidden speaks with Mardou about the powerful conclusion to Sky In Stereo, published in late 2019, and her Internal Family Systems (I.M.F.) comics, which she’s currently releasing via Instagram. Continue reading


Claire Brétecher (1940 – 2020)

“Her trajectory was a singular one, unlike that of almost any other artist.” Cynthia Rose, on the life and career of the legendary Claire Brétecher, who has passed away. Continue reading


“I Am the Love Man”: A Valentine’s Day Interview with David Krueger and Ben Marcus

RJ Casey catches up with the creators of Love Man to find out how the project began, what their collaborative process looks like, and what their plans are for the future. Continue reading


There’s Always a Certain Kind of Risk to Take (This Week’s Links)

Opening and closing with posters, this week’s installment of The Ryan Flanders Show sees our trusty explorer linking up a romantic storm. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Continue reading