Joseph Henry Simon: October 11, 1913 – December 14, 2011

If Joe Simon had only created Captain America, he would still be a comic book legend. But his career lasted for decades and encompassed dozens of memorable characters and thousands of pages of comics. Continue reading


The Tom Neely Interview

In this interview, Tom Neely talks to Kristy Valenti about self-publishing, Sparkplug and his body of work to date. Continue reading


Jerry Robinson: January 1st, 1922-December 7th, 2011

A four-color life well lived. Continue reading


A Seasonal Snapshot of Retail Funny Business

The state of comic book stores on both coasts and Chicago, too. Continue reading


The Truth About Archie Bunker’s Chair: An Interview with Marc Bell

Discussed: Doodles, comics, “the ’90s”, Shrimpy and Paul, the importance of layers, poverty, and inspiration. Continue reading


Muck Sticks, Whistle Punks, and Donkey Punchers

An appreciation of Bus Griffiths’ abandoned classic, Now You’re Logging.
Continue reading


Dead Birds, Big Questions: Anders Nilsen

After a stopover in London Anders Nilsen reflects on Big Questions via 15 years of covers. Continue reading


“It’s Only One Book”: An Art Spiegelman Interview

The cartoonist and editor talks about his latest book and DVD, MetaMaus. Continue reading