Panel on the Origin of Fantagraphics Excerpt Courtesy of Mike Catron

In this excerpt, Kim Thompson, Gary Groth and Mike Catron discuss the earliest days of Fantagraphics and The Comics Journal at the 2001 Comic-Con International: San Diego. Continue reading


Tributes to Kim Thompson

Memories from David B., Peter Bagge, Mike Catron, Daniel Clowes, Helena G. Harvilicz, Gilbert Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez, Paul Karasik, Jason T. Miles, Tony Millionaire, Pat Moriarty, Eric Reynolds, Richard Sala, Joe Sacco, Chris Ware, and many others. Continue reading


Preview: Incidents in the Night

An exclusive excerpt from David B.’s new graphic novel. Continue reading


Amazing Hero: Kim Thompson (1956-2013)

As one of the twin pillars of Fantagraphics Books, Kim Thompson helped the comics medium to grow up. He did so with the tough love of a strict parent, the internationally formed intelligence of a global citizen, and the abiding loyalty of an avid comics reader. Continue reading


Steranko’s First?

On the hunt for a comic book story long-since disavowed by the artist and writer Jim Steranko. Continue reading


“Your Theory Is More Than a Theory”: Zak Sally’s Interview with Peter Bagge (Part Two)

Sally and the creator of Hate talk Bat Boy, politics, Margaret Sanger, internet piracy, making money while making art, and the similarity between selling convention sketches and prostitution. Continue reading


“Your Theory Is More Than a Theory”: Zak Sally’s Interview with Peter Bagge (Part One)

Zak Sally talks to the creator of Hate about the end of the comic-book format, the rivalry between Weirdo and Raw, the “samey-ness” of modern graphic novels, and the gatekeepers who protect the concept of fine art. Continue reading


“Disgusting Creatures”: The Simon Hanselmann Interview

Hanselmann is hugely prolific, and is almost unendurably active in the alternative comics scene in Melbourne. Talking to him has a similar stand-in-front-of-the-firehose feel. Continue reading