Diamond Comics To End Weekly Comics Delivery Starting April 1st Until Further Notice

Read the letter Steve Geppi sent to comics retailers and publishers regarding the impact of COVID-19 on Diamond Comics. Continue reading


“A Diary Of Time Itself”: An Academic Roundtable on Chris Ware’s Rusty Brown

A major work from a major artist, the first installment of Chis Ware’s collected Rusty Brown was released in the winter of 2019. Martha Kuhlman and the authors & scholars behind 2010”s Comics of Chris Ware reunited to discuss the work. Continue reading


An Open Letter To Comic Readers

Comics retail speaks out about ways to help out that part of the industry at an uncertain and difficult time. Continue reading


Michel Fiffe, Ed Piskor, and Tom Scioli Make Corporate Comics Their Way

Three cartoonists who like to play the field sit down to figure out where the loyalties lie–the comics or the characters? Continue reading


Adopt to Resist: When Comics Embrace Internet Aesthetics

The internet is where so many of us live, and it’s a world with its own aesthetics, language and texture. What happens when those begin to bubble up in comics? Nicholas has a theory for just that question! Continue reading


Strictly Business (Flanders’ Last Links)

“I thought we’d get to see forever”, I said, “But forever’s gone away,” Ryan responded. “I don’t know where this road is going is going to lead. All I know is where we’ve been. And what we’ve been through!” Continue reading


“I Would Never Draw Except To Tell A Story.”: An Interview with Nick Maandag

The king of deadpan sat down with his number one fan to talk about his latest collection of comics, The Follies of Richard Wadsworth. Continue reading


“I Want To See What Else We Can Get Away With”: An Interview with Avi Ehrlich

Avi Ehrlich talks about the history of Bay Area store, record label, art crew and comics publisher Silver Sprocket, and how philosophy can be more than just talk, but an actual practical business model. Continue reading