The Fantagraphics set-up at SPX. Photo credit: Meredith Rizzo/SPX.

New and Old: SPX 2016

Since Warren Bernard took over as head of the steering committee of the Small Press Expo (SPX) for the 2012 show, he’s often shaped the overall direction of the show around a particular theme. The 2014 show was a celebration … Continue reading


“My Way of Witnessing”: Warren Craghead on Donald Trump

What it’s like to draw the same man, again and again, day after day. Continue reading


Wren McDonald: Not a Cartoonist’s Diary

In advance of SPX, Wren McDonald imagines creating a TCJ Cartoonist’s Diary. Continue reading


A Conversation with Tom Gauld

Noah Van Sciver catches up with the author of Mooncop. Continue reading


Tillie Walden

Tillie Walden is a young Texas-based cartoonist who has three graphic novellas from UK’s Avery Hill Publishing to her name (The End of Summer in 2015 and I Love This Part and A City Inside in 2016), as well as her upcoming graphic … Continue reading

Buddy Bradley model sheet lo res

Before Neat Stuff: A Look at Some of Peter Bagge’s Lost Early Work

New York, 1980s — the young Peter Bagge finds his way.
Continue reading

Superman Mailerway 277

When Wolverine Met Hemingway: A History of Ernest Hemingway in Comics: Part 2

Cameos, parodies and homages in comics including Superman, Weird War Tales, Lobo, Jenny Sparks, Also: an interview with Dave Sim about his sexually-charged take on Hemingway in Cerebus. Continue reading


“I Don’t Think About It. I Just Do It.”: Catching up with Gilbert Hernandez

If ‘Los Bros Hernandez’ didn’t already include Jaime and Mario, the term would still be a suitable nickname for Gilbert, who sometimes appears to be doing the work of multiple cartoonists. Continue reading