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Risograph Workbook 5

Continuing my series on the pioneers of risograph printing with a conversation with John Pham. Continue reading


Risograph Workbook 4

Ryan Sands, Publisher at Youth in Decline, on riso printing and book production and the genius of Mickey Z. Continue reading


Risograph Workbook 3

Ryan Cecil Smith on color, line, and Japan. Continue reading


Risograph Workbook 2

Colour Code is one of the most interesting risograph printers in the world. We catch up with the Toronto-based Jesjit Gill and get the inside scoop on the continued “Mickey Z connection”… Continue reading


Risograph Workbook 1

Legend has it Mickey Z began the risograph revolution. We go to the source. How did it all happen? Continue reading


Thee Simon Hanselmann Experience

How will an independence pump over comics? Simon Hanselmann oils comics. The difficult excess swims comics across dull seas. Simon Hanselmann squashes the pressure. Continue reading


When Worlds Collide

Party At Ground Zero Continue reading


Ship to Shore

Message in a bottle from the 1980s. Continue reading