DOCFATEtres-c Remembrance of Comics Past

Howard Sherman

The debut of a new column based on letters to the author. This week: Howard Sherman, artist for Dr. Fate. Continue reading

SuicideFace This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (5/16/12 – That’s My Name)

No, really, you should go read Ryan Holmberg’s column first. Did you? Okay, I’ve got Danes. Continue reading

Tezuka Osamu, Manga College (August 1950), cover. What Was Alternative Manga?

Tezuka Osamu & The Rectification of Mickey

Tezuka, Disney, and languages of cartooning and reproduction. Continue reading

IMG_1211 Riff Raff

Permanent Tour 3

Picksburgh Continue reading


Clan In The Front, Let Your Feet Stomp

When fanboys attack. Continue reading

FountSample This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (5/9/12 – 4 Excuses for a Late Column)

Lord, what day is it? This column’s still good, right? I mean good as in ‘useful,’ naturally. Continue reading

capham3_cov Riff Raff

Permanent Tour 2

Try a Little Harder. Continue reading

daredevil Comics of the Weak

If Kirby Was Still Alive, He Would Totally Have Killed Himself By Now

The comics Tucker thinks are good this week aren’t new, and the comics that are new aren’t good. Continue reading