Garfield's Birthday Hare Tonic

Jim Davis and His Fat Feline Celebrate an Anniversary

Garfield is now 33 years old. And still likes lasagna. Continue reading

AirtightShock This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (6/29/11 – Within Reach)

Exotic surprises are in store for you as we examine the upcoming releases of… Not the United States!! Continue reading

Pittsburgh Biennial 2011 Riff Raff

Pittsburgh Biennial 2011

A report from the Pittsburgh Biennial at the Carnegie Museum of Art. Continue reading

Fred and Barney with The Great Gazoo Comics Chronicles

A Dan Clowes Notebook

From Ice Haven to Mr. Wonderful. Continue reading

main Mad About Music: My Life in Records

Part 2: An Early Education

Jazz, folk and the ’40s. Continue reading

CCS TCJ Talkies

Center for Cartoon Studies Graduates

A Center for Cartoon Studies special, featuring school graduates Lucy Knisley, Melissa Mendes, Joe Lambert, and Steve Seck. Continue reading

JackSample This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (6/22/11 – Studies in Delayed Thrill-Power)

“Night of the Jackass”? Like, every Monday before this column goes up? Continue reading

FIG 1 Riff Raff

Color Workbook 3

This week we are going to look at “second color” application. Continue reading