Kirby Illo 1 Monsters Eat Critics

Kirby: Attention Paid

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tcjgag15 Riff Raff

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN Scene Report

Midwest love fest. Continue reading

Kuwada Jirō, Rocket Tarō, Omoshiro Book (September 1957), furoku cover. What Was Alternative Manga?

Emonogatari in the Age of Comics, 1948-1957

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MIX-pic TCJ Talkies

MariNaomi & Noah Van Sciver: Live at MIX

Recorded live at the Minneapolis Indie Xpo, a conversation with the cartoonists behind Kiss & Tell and Blammo. Continue reading

KirbySample This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (11/16/11 – Definitive Answers to Burning Political Questions)

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Michael DeForge Riff Raff

South Beloit, IL Scene Report

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PS Magazine Funnybook Roulette

Whatever Happened to Will Eisner?

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rayff Grid

The Death-Ray Discussion Forum

In this month’s Grid, we talk about Daniel Clowes’s The Death-Ray. Please add your two cents or more in the comments section. Continue reading