ChronoSample This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (4/25/12 – Interstellar Proxy War of the Sensitive Man)

Prepare yourself for journeys to the past and future, where maximum love and minimal savings await! Continue reading

ishida No One Knows You're A Dog

The Sisterhood of the Pimp Ninja Sluts

In the last two years, Tatsuya Ishida’s Sinfest has transformed from an attractive diversion to a must-read. Continue reading

il_570xN.314803994 Riff Raff

New Talent Showcase 5

Real Life Continue reading

Day-5-for-Dan1 A Cartoonist’s Diary

Ryan Cecil Smith: Day 5

Bike maintenance. Continue reading

give me a tender kiss Comics of the Weak

Let’s See If That Boycott Extends To Sweet Kisses

In which Tucker compares reading certain superhero comics to allergy medicine-enhanced self-abuse. Continue reading

Day-4-for-Dan1 A Cartoonist’s Diary

Ryan Cecil Smith: Day 4

A slow work day. Continue reading

Day-3-for-Dan1 A Cartoonist’s Diary

Ryan Cecil Smith: Day 3

A unusually busy day in the city. Continue reading

431281_279270845478502_109858125753109_694087_526631132_n TCJ Talkies

Tim Kreider

In his final episode, Mike Dawson interviews The Pain cartoonist and essayist Tim Kreider Continue reading