BerlinSample This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (2/8/12 – Murky Time)

The return of a very special comic book serial, along with odd revivals and vintage kids. Continue reading

Image-3 Monsters Eat Critics

The Ballad of Axe-Faced Anne: Comics, Criticism, Contexts

Horror, Robert Jauss’s horizon of expectations, the Skywald publishing line. Continue reading

san-francisco-bay-area-alcatraz Riff Raff

West Coast Tour Diary 2

Bay Area Shuffle Continue reading

HinkSample This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (2/1/12 – The groundhog will see savings on Thursday.)

Unless he gets either of today’s Spotlight Picks; then he’s gonna have to stay in the hole for a month to save. Continue reading

MaryWorth0001-lead Hare Tonic

One Good Apple Proves a Barrel’s Worth

Untangling the surprisingly confused origins of Mary Worth. Continue reading

bulldog Riff Raff

West Coast Tour Diary 1

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’! Continue reading

someday-funnies-23 Funnybook Roulette

A Long Strange Trip, If You’ll Pardon the Expression

The Someday Funnies now joins Smile, From Arrgh to Zap, and a complete version of Metropolis on the list of Things That Have Come Out Before The Last Dangerous Visions. Continue reading

firewalk_10 Say Hello

Julia Gfrörer!

No one is wedding horror’s darkness to an equally black, equally lacerating emotional palette as effectively as Julia Gfrörer. Continue reading