Kitazawa Rakuten, High Collar Puck, special issue of Tokyo Puck (April 1905), cover. What Was Alternative Manga?

Guns & Butter

Now, it is time to reset this column. It’s not about alternative manga. It started out thinking it was but now it’s changing. Continue reading

Prl Grid

“This Man, This Monster”: Super-Heroes and Super-Sexism.

Ken Parille looks at Super-Ugly Muscles and Male Superhero Outfits. Continue reading

MetalSample This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (3/7/12 – Screaming ’80s)

In uttering the correct pronunciation of Métal Hurlant last week, Dan Nadel summoned the powers of the Atom Style to my command, damning us all. Plus: upcoming comics. Continue reading

Herbie Riff Raff

Comic Book Hoarders

Gimme, gimme, gimme! Continue reading

figG A Cartoonist’s Diary

Emily Flake: Friday

The cat. Continue reading

figF A Cartoonist’s Diary

Emily Flake: Thursday

Surgery on the studio. Continue reading

photo-full TCJ Talkies

Box Brown

The cartoonist and publisher behind Retrofit. Continue reading

figE A Cartoonist’s Diary

Emily Flake: Wednesday

It’s time to train. Continue reading