crumb Comics Chronicles

Crumb in the Beginning

In 1987, the proposal to bring all of Crumb back into print in a uniform set of books was a radical publishing act which re-contextualized and re-vitalized an already momentous body of work. Continue reading

06March A Cartoonist’s Diary

Dylan Horrocks: Day Three

Horrocks teaches a class, and learns something. Continue reading

05March A Cartoonist’s Diary

Dylan Horrocks: Day Two

A week in the life of Dylan Horrocks continues. Continue reading

BulletSample This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (4/4/12 – Hottest Game of Thrones Recaps Inside!)

Alright, no, I’m just trying to drum up some extra hits for all the new comics I’m covering inside. Is that so bad? Yes. Continue reading

04March A Cartoonist’s Diary

Dylan Horrocks: Day One

A week in the life of Dylan Horrocks. Continue reading

DeForge / McManus Riff Raff

New Talent Showcase 2

DeForge, McManus, and Forsman. Call for a free consultation. Continue reading



Archie, Cerebus, and Young Blueberry take their places (and their marks) alongside the Avengers and the Flash. Continue reading

CraigThompsonTalkies1 TCJ Talkies

Craig Thompson

This time around, Mike talks to the creator of Habibi and Blankets. Continue reading