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THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (2/20/13 – Irregular Holiday Celebrations)

Cooking up the freshest capsule summaries of whatever looks to be coming. PLUS: “Movies of the French” Continue reading

spidery Comics of the Weak

I’m All About The Love, Baby Blossom

The mellowing. Continue reading

Cfeature Grid

Friendly Ghosts and Comics Form

Greatness and minimalism in a disposable kid’s comic . . . Continue reading

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THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (2/13/13 – New Touch City)

Everyone wants to know the future of comics. Here’s one of ’em. Continue reading

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Extreme Boy Pizza Party

From the To Read stack, plus Abhay Khosla on DC WTF?! Continue reading

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THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (2/6/13 – Sensual Planet Asylum)

France! Teach me to kiss, France! Continue reading

Death of Superman Monsters Eat Critics

My Back Pages

My ostensible reason for teaching serialization in the first place was that I felt an obligation to discuss the history of the floppy, but my students don’t care at all about that history. Continue reading

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Seep, You Seepers Of The Seeping Gore

Reviews, straight up. Continue reading