Visual Pleasures

The Materiality of Comics

In this first installment of a new column, Kim Jooha explores the materiality of comics by looking at the work of three artists: Warren Craghead, Alexis Beauclair, and Erin Curry. Continue reading

Fiffe Files

OVERWORD 4 · Squadron Supreme & Quasar

OVERWORD RECAP 1 · TEEN TITANS – My need for colorful, clean-cut super heroics and my obsessive habit to hunt back issues in bulk met at the intersection of Wolfman & Pérez. My enthusiasm was destroyed by troubling story elements but … Continue reading

A Classical Education

The Dark Knight Returns: Art Makes Sense If You Force It To

A new comics reader decides to cram the titles that comics call their canon. In the first installment, it’s Frank Miller’s take on an aging Batman that gets the spotlight. Continue reading

Common Currency

A No-Deal Christmas

Cassandra Darke, the titular protagonist of Posy Simmonds’ latest comic, is the cartoonist’s most heroic figure so far, and the book is an assertive step in the direction of more proactive social engagement. Continue reading

A Cartoonist’s Diary

Joe Decie: Day Five

A night out with friends presents an artistic dilemma for this week’s cartoonist. How will Joe cope? Continue reading

A Cartoonist’s Diary

Joe Decie: Day Four

Life makes its presence felt, and Joe goes for a run to figure things out. Continue reading

Ice Cream For Bedwetters

Let Us Now Praise Famous Synthezoids

The penultimate edition of Tegan O’Neil’s super-hero column takes a look at Secret Wars, The Vision, Chris Ware, Jonathan Franzen, 9/11, and what it feels like to despise yourself for what you spend money on. Continue reading

A Cartoonist’s Diary

Joe Decie: Day Three

Animal waste didn’t stop Mozart, and construction noise didn’t silence Kirby–and they won’t slow Joe Decie down either! Continue reading