Battling Boy KinderComics

Battling Boy

Long teased, at last delivered, Paul Pope’s Battling Boy has about it the air of an event. Continue reading

redneck The Corrections

Internal Grease Dynamics

The return of Tucker Stone and Abhay Khosla. Continue reading

DSCN1598 Riff Raff

Conflict of Interest Reservoir Tour Diary

Seattle to Vancouver Continue reading

carlson100 Framed!

Figuring Out George Carlson (Part 2)

Further into the career of the great unheralded cartoonist. Continue reading

EscapeSample This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (10/16/13 – Surreptitious Frenzy)

Whole lot of big-ticket releases this week, chasing some damn obscure cinema. Imagine! Continue reading

a Hare Tonic

Sergio Aragones and the Art of Pantomime Cartooning

Sergio Aragones’s pictures provoke laughter all on their own. Continue reading

Frank Santoro Riff Raff

West Coast Tour Diary

California to Portland Continue reading

carlson63 Framed!

Figuring Out George Carlson (Part 1)

Digging up George Carlson and his extremely busy career. Continue reading