This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (6/15/16 – Machine Shop)

This time, I shall preserve the margins of the front page with mechanical precision. Continue reading

Comic Book Decalogue

Episode 10: Lane Milburn

Milburn (Twelve Gems) discusses halting his Vice strip Envoy, a ‘lazy river’ theory of comics-making, the Closed Caption Comics group, and polarizing creators from R. Crumb to Frank Miller. Continue reading

Hare Tonic

Outcault, Goddard, the Comics, and the Yellow Kid

How They Unwittingly Conspired To Bring a New Mass Medium into Popular Culture. Continue reading

This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (6/8/16 – Verdammtendämmerung)

As above, so below: Hellboy is all about love. Continue reading

TCJ Talkies

Lauren Weinstein on 5,000 km Per Second by Manuele Fior

The Girl Stories and Goddess of War artist talks about the newly translated 5,000 km per second, recently published by Fantagraphics.
Continue reading

Gus Mager 1906 comic strip Framed!

The Lost Sundays of Gus Mager (1904-06)

Now, we wind the clock back to 1904 and take a look at what could be called the “lost” Sundays of Gus Mager – three short series that represent fascinating experiments in style and content. Continue reading

This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (6/1/16 – Hee Haw)

Don’t ask me why there’s so many jokes this week. I went to three Memorial Day parties, so maybe I’m Fun. Continue reading


Lulu Hitchcock Apocrypha!

Tim Hensley’s astonishing Sir Alfred #3, in which Alfred Hitchcock becomes what he already was: a comic-strip character. Continue reading