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Five From Koyama

Toronto’s Koyama Press is releasing some great stuff . . . Continue reading

FCBDSample0001_zps98e1223c This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (5/7/14 – Three Wishes)

Ugh, Star Wars Day is for nerds, let’s talk about Free Comic Book Day and our cool lives. Continue reading

habibi-cover TCJ Talkies

TCJ Talkies: Tom Hart on Craig Thompson’s Habibi

Mike Dawson returns to comics podcasting with an all-new format. In this episode, he invites guest Tom Hart to discuss a major recent work. Continue reading

romita Riff Raff

Format Fever: More Notes

Notes on scroll comics and how we ingest comics. Continue reading

IMG_0109_zps110c54cf This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (4/30/14 – I am away from home but I haven’t forgotten you, my sweetest, sweetest thing.)


excity 00 Framed!

The Seattle Undergound Comics Scene is Alive and Oozing

Seattle has a new underground comics scene. One is tempted to say “again,” recalling the boom of the 1990s with Peter Bagge, Jim Woodring, and the like. More accurately, the scene has endured. Continue reading

NoraSample This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (4/23/14 – A Field Guide to Pre-Tezuka Japanese Comics in English Pt. 2)

Presenting comics from years of struggle, and how best to present them. Continue reading

a Hare Tonic

The Perversion of the Graphic Novel and Its Refinement

The pleasures and problems of the new graphic novel boom. Continue reading