Davis2 A Cartoonist’s Diary

Eleanor Davis: Day Two

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eleanor A Cartoonist’s Diary

Eleanor Davis: Day One

Some assignments are more difficult than others. Continue reading

tumblr_n4piyb7aFN1qchmcko4_1280 Say Hello

Meghan Turbitt!

A conversation with the creator of #foodporn and Lady Turbo about sex, Catholicism, grotesque imagery, the transition from fine art to comics, and “hot dudes serving food.” Continue reading

a TCJ Talkies

Brian Evenson on Ed the Happy Clown

Fiction writer and academic Brian Evenson joined Mike Dawson for a conversation about Chester Brown’s early graphic-novel, Ed the Happy Clown, which was first serialized in the one man anthology, Yummy Fur, and subsequently collected in a variety of formats.
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0ecdd4c7-9e20-460f-840c-becce8529e54_zpsa1dee434 This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (8/20/14 – The Good Parts)

The loves of a mangaka: XPOSED. Continue reading

Garo no. 72 (February 1970), special issue on Hayashi Seiichi. What Was Alternative Manga?

Manga vs. Art History: Hayashi Seiichi at SISJAC

Modern art, comics, and some words with Seiichi Hayashi. Continue reading

Actual Trouble by Michael DeForge Symbol Reader

Shadow Puppets

The first installment of a new monthly column, in which the cartoonist Julia Gfrörer uses principles of psychoanalysis, philosophy, and comparative mythology to deliberately overthink the symbolic language of comics.
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SpiderRage10001_zps0f3b4dbc This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (8/13/14 – Tangled Notes Toward an Early Biography of Ryōichi Ikegami)

The gangly years of an old legend. Continue reading