HayashiSample This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (10/2/13 – This Column is Shutdown-Proof)

Wow, topical joke! Stellar work. Continue reading

21 Jack Kirby: Behind the Lines

“I’m Gonna Open Sealed Door to Negative Zone!”

A look at the pencils for Fantastic Four # 61. Continue reading

a What Was Alternative Manga?

The Name Garo: Shirato Sanpei and the Indo-Manga Connection

Uncovering the meaning of the name Garo Continue reading

Brooklyn Book Festival Riff Raff

SPX, NY Art Book Fair, and the Brooklyn Book Festival

A good week to be a comic book maker. Continue reading

TropicSample This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (9/25/13 – Tropical Malady)

An image, a review, a number of guesses. Continue reading

Lenny Riff Raff

SPX 2013

A brief report Continue reading

mack2 High-Low

Sequential Artists Workshop: Output From The First Year

The sense I get from SAW’s first year is that Hart’s aim was to create a collaboration and dialogue with his students, rather than create a rigid differentiation between the teacher and his pupils. Continue reading

CSff Grid

Comics Survey: Word / Art, Part I

In Part I of this two-part survey, Ken Parille reviews twelve comic books and graphic novels, paying attention to the words they use. Continue reading